This list may not be up to date. You can find what I’m working on / what I have released in WordPress and GitHub profiles.

WooCommerce Product Fees

Plugin page for "WooCommerce Product Fees"

WooCommerce Product Fees allows you to add additional fees at checkout based on products that are in the cart.

Hide WooCommerce Product Shipping Info

Plugin page for "Hide WooCommerce Shipping Information"

This plugin allows you to control which products should display shipping information on the product page, or hide the weights and dimensions for all products.

Customer Reward Coupons for WooCommerce

Allows customers to create coupons that they can share and earn rewards from. When the reward coupon is used, you can reward the coupon owner with either Account Funds or Points. View this plugin on Github.

WooCommerce External Product Embed

Provides a shortcode to embed products from another store on your site. It connects to another website running WooCommerce, and displays products from that site via the shortcodes provided. View this plugin on Github.