How to correctly add custom code to WooCommerce and WordPress

Custom code in a text editor

3 thoughts on “How to correctly add custom code to WooCommerce and WordPress

  1. Hi Caleb, very helpful article!

    I’ve used all of the plugins that you mentioned. The updated version of the Jetpack CSS only offers a narrow column in the Customer. So, I’ve migrated over to the Simple Custom CSS and JS Plugin.

    It’s lightweight but still loaded with functionality and useful features.

    Thanks for sharing Storefront Specific Snippets with clear instructions on how to deploy them.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I tried out your plugin and it is quite nice. Added it as a suggestion while updating the post to reflect WordPress 4.7 changes.

  2. The Code Snippets plugin is solid, also like the fact you can set if the code runs everywhere, in the admin or just on the front-end.

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